12 Steps to Network Marketing Success

I’ve been building an MLM business and team for almost 3.5 years, and here is a list of 12 things that have helped me be successful in an MLM. For the record, I’m with dōTERRA.

  1. Find an MLM company whose products you LOVE, use and recommend, even if there was no business opportunity attached.
  2. Become a ‘Product of the Product’, which means you’re using the products and can share and explain them to anyone who asks.
  3. Find an MLM that has consumable products, where people need to order often, like monthly, as this is how you build long-term residual income.
  4. Research the integrity of the company, and only go with a company that has a good reputation, has sustainable practices, and gives back to the community.
  5. Understand the compensation plan. Make sure you understand the types of plans out there: Party plan, Unilevel, etc… dōTERRA is a Unilevel plan with bonuses paid weekly and monthly, depending on your activity, and how much effort you put into it. dōTERRA’s Unilevel plan pays a higher percentage as you build down, and as you help your downline be successful.
  6. Ongoing personal development is huge, so you need to be willing to read, attend webinars and seminars to constantly improve and uplevel your skills as a salesperson and ultimately as a leader.
  7. Attend the annual convention and other corporate events with your people. No excuses, make sure you’re there.
  8. This is a numbers game, so figure out a way to always be meeting new people, whether it’s through events, classes you teach, 1:1s, online groups, Facebook, a blog, just do whatever works for you. And be consistent. Have ‘Income Producing Activities’ on your calendar every day and do them!
  9. The key to success is deciding that you’re going to be successful, no matter what. It’s all in your mindset, and what you focus on. If you believe you will be successful, do the work and surround yourself with positive, self-motivated people, you will be successful. It takes time, but it’s totally worth it.
  10. Don’t compare yourself to anyone except who you were yesterday. Enjoy the journey and give yourself permission to succeed on your timetable. We all have family and other obligations, and maybe you are still working a full-time job, but these are not excuses. If you really want it, you will find a way to carve out the time you need to build your business.
  11. Don’t let the negative social stigma of being part of an MLM stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. You will need to endure some negative criticism from well-meaning but ignorant people, so toughen up. Legitimate MLMs are a fantastic way to make as much money as you want. Do not listen to anyone who is not paying your bills, as they don’t get a say in how you choose to earn money and support your family.
  12. Never give up! That’s really the only way you can fail in an MLM is to quit. Reject mediocrity and go for it!

I consider myself successful, as I’ve replaced my income from my prior work in the real estate industry, and I’m just getting started. Being successful in this business requires mental and emotional toughness, and willingness to learn and grow.

Would I want to go back to what I was doing before? Never! Do I have days that are tough when I want to quit? Of course. This is like any other job, except I get to decide when and where I work, how much I work, and how much I want to get paid, so there’s no going back for me. I’m hooked!

In the words of Eric Worre, we really do have a better way!

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I couldn’t help but overhear…

coffee heart breakfast






your conversation this morning over breakfast. You were telling your friend how you’re basically being forced to take specific medications to keep your health and life insurance. You have to stay on the medication to satisfy their rules, even though the medication isn’t really working or making a difference in your ‘numbers’. And you don’t feel good when you’re taking it.

I need to tell you that you have a choice, you don’t have to play their game. I got out my business card, and was thinking about how I could casually approach you, and let you know the truth.

The truth is ‘they’ know that most of what you’re prescribed is little more than a temporary bandaid at best. It doesn’t fix or address the root cause, it’s just an attempt to alleviate discomfort. And it hurts many people in the process. Don’t get me wrong, some of it is absolutely necessary, but much of it is not. It does, however, support a multi-billion dollar industry.

I had to stop myself from going to your table and telling you what I know, and what I’ve experienced with pure essential oils: How I now use essential oils instead of pills when I’m feeling anxious, scared or overwhelmed. How I get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested. How I feel calm, grounded and at peace, and how I can raise my mood whenever I feel the need. How I balance my hormones naturally…

I didn’t want to interrupt.

I’m sorry, my friend, that I didn’t tell you when I had the chance. I have something of great value that I want and need to share with you, and I promise I will do better next time. I won’t keep it to myself.

I hope you see this message and reach out to me… I’m here for you. You have a choice, and I’d love to share it with you.


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Feeling anxious? Here’s what I use:

You have a choice in how you handle and manage your health, including your emotional health and self-care. Contact me for personal suggestions specific to whatever you’re dealing with. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you.

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Need a mini vacation?


Bring the wine country ‘feeling’ to your home with a chilled Sonoma Chardonnay, some fresh flowers, a few gourmet snacks like cheese, crackers, maybe some kalamata olives, and the ‘Sonoma’ diffuser blend with dōTERRA Essential Oils.

The Sonoma diffuser blend recipe: 2 drops of Rosemary oil, and 3 drops of Citrus Bliss oil.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself! Think about all the amazing things in your life you have to be grateful for and give thanks. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more things you will receive to be grateful for… funny how that works!

This is one of my favorite diffuser blends, and while these oils smell amazing, they also have powerful antibacterial and uplifting properties as well. By diffusing these high quality essential oils, you’re helping everyone in your house feel better, especially you!


Ready to change your life? Recipe below…


Yep, that’s it!

Decide what you want and go after it my friends! If you want to become, achieve or acquire ‘something’, and you want it so bad that you feel like it’s already yours, and you BELIEVE it’s yours, then it becomes your reality.

I love this quote, and live by it. The hardest part for me is deciding exactly what I want, and believing that I ‘deserve’ it, which is really only an upper-limit belief blocker that I need to work through.

We (Fred and I) have had several examples of this working in our real lives over the past 25 years, and I know it absolutely works.

Here’s one: We decided that we wanted to build a house back in 1999/2000, in Northern California, and we just started moving forward as if it was a done deal. We found a great 5 acre parcel within the price range we set, we agreed on the house design, had it drawn up, got the financing in place, and made it happen.

Looking back, I know it was the deciding and believing that brought it all together, even though I had no concept of these ideals at the time… we just made it happen.

Everything is actually ‘created’ 3 times: First as an idea, next as a plan either in writing or in your head, then it manifests in your life physically.

And it works for relationships, jobs, personal achievements, things you want, pretty much everything!

Our minds are so powerful, and yet many of us live lives of mindless and meaningless existence, trudging through the work week, stuck in a cubicle, working with people we don’t like, doing work that bores us to tears, always wondering ‘what if I could’…

Guess what? YOU CAN!

Decide, Believe & you will Achieve whatever you want… but it’s up to you to take the action.

If you want things to change in your life, you need to change things in your life. Do it now! Don’t wait! There will never be a perfect time, so get on with it! Go for what you want!

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You had me at Frankincense!


People always ask me how I got into using dōTERRA Essential Oils, and it all started with #frankincense oil.

About 4 years ago my dad experienced a sudden brain injury, and after spending a few days in the hospital, what the doctors offered him was 4 prescriptions and a walker, and basically told him to get used to his new life.


After doing extensive research, my sister found out about the power of essential oils, specifically frankincense, as it is super good for #inflammation and #brain repair, function and balance. It also helps manage depressed feelings, sadness and despair, which are common for people recovering from illness.

She got my dad his own bottle of dōTERRA Frankincense oil, and he applied a drop to his temples, behind his ears, and on the back of his neck several times a day. He called it his ‘Frankenstein’ oil.

After about 2-3 weeks he had such dramatic improvement and recovery, I had to learn what this stuff was all about. That started my journey, as I was looking for a more natural way to manage my moods, specifically ‘nervous and anxious feelings’. I had taken prescribed medication for several years, but I knew it was not a long term solution, plus it made me feel like a zombie when I was taking the pills.

My first 2 oils were #Balance Grounding Blend and #Serenity Calming Blend, and after a few days, I was literally a different person: much happier, nicer and calmer, plus I smelled great!

I was hooked! I got obsessed about learning what else these oils could do, and I had to have them all! My friends starting asking questions, and I started researching and sharing the oils with them.

I’m so grateful to have found these oils, and I can’t imagine life without them. Natural solutions are what I’m all about now.

Aren’t you just a little bit curious about what they can do for you?

PM me if you’re open to learning more.

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Need a little focus? Try this!

This is one of my favorite blends for staying on task and getting things done. It helps with ADD/ADHD, concentration, nervousness and anxious feelings, mental clarity, and is very calming and grounding.

InTune comes in a 10 ml roller bottle, and I roll it on starting from my chest, down to my belly button and back up again, then I rub it in. You have a ton of serotonin receptors in this area, and their job in part contributes to feelings of happiness and self-esteem. I physically feel a shift in my energy when I apply oils here. I also use InTune on my temples, back of my neck and across my forehead.

The main oils in this blend include Patchouli, Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Roman Chamomile. The scent is earthy and uplifting.

Retail price: $46 / Wholesale price: $34.50. To order yours: mydoterra.com/indigomartini


Self-confidence in a bottle… and no, it’s not wine!

This is one of my favorite oils, and I use it almost daily on my wrists for emotional stability, and it also promotes feelings of self-acceptance and of being ‘good enough’. It helps you to love yourself unconditionally and to let go of self-criticism and judgement.

Like all citrus oils, it has a very uplifting, energizing aroma. Bergamot has anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It’s great for fighting infectious type ailments, helping with oily skin, achy joints and muscles, alleviating stress and insomnia, and it’s a super powerful cleanser that works great for creating DIY non-toxic household cleaners. Multi-purpose for sure!


I think you will love it!

Lavender & Rosemary ‘ReLuxation’ Spa Shower Experience


As a busy entrepreneur, I’m always looking for simple, self-care mini-spa rituals that I can do at home, and last night I created this luxurious, relaxing shower/bath combo experience that I know you’re gonna love!

After just 20-30 minutes, I felt refreshed, soothed and serene.

My bathtub is small, so instead of doing a full body soaking bath, I did this as a shower/foot spa instead.

Here’s the recipe: 


  • 20-30 minutes of absolute privacy in a bathroom with a locked door
  • Spa music: I love the Relax: New World Music Spa Collection (Opening Petals by Llewellyn & Marina Swain; Butterfly World by David Sun, etc.)
  • Sea salt (or Epsom salt), approximately 1/2 cup (4 oz.)
  • Lavender essential oil & Rosemary essential oil (I use only dōTERRA)
  • dōTERRA Spa Body Wash or soap of your choice


  • Glass of wine (I had Jason Stephens 2011 Estate Merlot – delicious!)
  • Cup of tea
  • Candles (flameless candles are best)


  1. Start the music and light candles. Take your drink of choice into the shower with you.
  2. Take a warm shower – get clean and wash your hair if you like
  3. Once you’re clean, put a stopper in the tub, but keep the shower going
  4. Sprinkle in the salt and stir with your feet
  5. Sprinkle 8-10 drops of Lavender oil and 6-8 drops of Rosemary oil into tub water
  6. While standing with your back to the shower, drizzle 3-4 drops of Lavender oil onto your chest, followed by 3-4 drops of Rosemary oil; rub oils on your body and into hands
  7. Raise hands to your face and take in a few deep, relaxing breaths
  8. Express gratitude for the moment of pure luxury, your beautiful body and your amazing life!
  9. Sprinkle 3-4 drops of Rosemary oil onto your scalp and gently massage in (Rosemary helps with hair growth!) Rinse after a few minutes.
  10. Luxuriate in the experience: inhale the love and abundance in your life; exhale gratitude.

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I do!

If you would like samples of the oils, DM me please.