This Month’s Promo: FREE Frankincense with $200pv purchase

Frankincense Promo 2017

If there was ever a great month to get started with dōTERRA Essential Oils, this is it!

With any $200pv order, you a FREE Frankincense! This offer happens only once per year, in December.

Frankincense is known as the ‘king of oils’, and has been used for centuries. I use 1-2 drops under my tongue in the morning every day.

It’s a powerful oil that helps with inflammation in tissues and joints, depressed feelings and sadness, emotional balance, brain balance, function and repair, bruising, skin repair, wound healing, scars and stretch marks, wrinkles, immune system support, autoimmune disorders, cellular health, and so much more. It also has anti-c@ncer properties… so I use it daily for prevention as well.

On the emotional side, it’s known as the Oil of Truth. It helps release lower vibrations, lies and negativity. It’s great for meditation, enlightenment, and feeling loved and protected.

Contact me to get started today! #frankincense #truth #balance #goodvibes