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The best way is to set a quick 20 – 30 minute appointment with me, either by phone, Zoom webinar or in person (if you’re in the Sacramento area), so we can select oils that will work best for you and your specific health goals.

You can text me at: 408.500.5566 or email:, and I will get back to you shortly…

If you already know what oils you want, and you’re comfortable shopping online, you can choose to order retail or wholesale.

Here’s the LINK to my personal website so you can shop retail now! Your oils will ship directly from dōTERRA to you, so you know the source is secure, and you will receive them in 3-4 days.



It’s super easy, and works like a Costco membership, but it only costs $35 for the first year to save 25% off retail. Annual renewals are $25, and you get a FREE 15ml Peppermint Oil, which reduces your membership cost to $4.50.

If you want to start as a Wholesale Customer, here’s the WHOLESALE MEMBER LINK to get you started. (If you’re interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate, and you want to share oils with family & friends, AND get paid a commission, select the bottom button for Wellness Advocate. I will contact you personally with the details once your enrollment is entered.)

If you’re interested in starting with a Kit, which waives the $35 enrollment fee, here are 3 of our most popular kits (larger kits also available, contact me for info):

Natural Solutions Kit – $550: This is the perfect kit for busy moms and busy couples who are trying to take care of their health naturally, including hair care and cleaning products, pain management, improve digestive health, and reduce stress. AromaLite 8 hour diffuser included.

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Home Essentials Kit – $275: This is an excellent starter kit for families, as it includes 10 ‘must have’ oils in the larger 15ml size bottles (except 5ml Deep Blue), that should be in  EVERY household, plus the Petal 4 hour diffuser:

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Family Essentials Kit – $150: Only $150 for this perfect starter kit! Perfect for those on a budget, who want to get the 10 ‘must have’ oils in their lives right away! Also includes OnGuard & Peppermint beadlets, which is a $35 value bonus! WOW!

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If you need help deciding which kit would be right for you, please contact me directly and I will be happy to discuss what would work best for you.

Family Physicians Kit (FPK)