I couldn’t help but overhear…

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your conversation this morning over breakfast. You were telling your friend how you’re basically being forced to take specific medications to keep your health and life insurance. You have to stay on the medication to satisfy their rules, even though the medication isn’t really working or making a difference in your ‘numbers’. And you don’t feel good when you’re taking it.

I need to tell you that you have a choice, you don’t have to play their game. I got out my business card, and was thinking about how I could casually approach you, and let you know the truth.

The truth is ‘they’ know that most of what you’re prescribed is little more than a temporary bandaid at best. It doesn’t fix or address the root cause, it’s just an attempt to alleviate discomfort. And it hurts many people in the process. Don’t get me wrong, some of it is absolutely necessary, but much of it is not. It does, however, support a multi-billion dollar industry.

I had to stop myself from going to your table and telling you what I know, and what I’ve experienced with pure essential oils: How I now use essential oils instead of pills when I’m feeling anxious, scared or overwhelmed. How I get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested. How I feel calm, grounded and at peace, and how I can raise my mood whenever I feel the need. How I balance my hormones naturally…

I didn’t want to interrupt.

I’m sorry, my friend, that I didn’t tell you when I had the chance. I have something of great value that I want and need to share with you, and I promise I will do better next time. I won’t keep it to myself.

I hope you see this message and reach out to me… I’m here for you. You have a choice, and I’d love to share it with you.


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