You had me at Frankincense!


People always ask me how I got into using dōTERRA Essential Oils, and it all started with #frankincense oil.

About 4 years ago my dad experienced a sudden brain incident, and after spending a few days in the hospital, what the doctors offered him was 4 prescriptions and a walker, and basically told him to get used to his new life.


After doing extensive research, my sister found out about the power of essential oils, specifically frankincense, as it is super good for #inflammation and #brain support, function and balance. It also helps manage depressed feelings, sadness and despair, which are common for people recovering from such things.

She got my dad his own bottle of dōTERRA Frankincense oil, and he applied a drop to his temples, behind his ears, and on the back of his neck several times a day. He called it his ‘Frankenstein’ oil.

After about 2-3 weeks he had such dramatic improvement and recovery, I had to learn what this stuff was all about. That started my journey, as I was looking for a more natural way to manage my moods, specifically ‘nervous and anxious feelings’. I had taken prescribed medication for several years, but I knew it was not a long term solution, plus it made me feel like a zombie when I was taking the pills.

My first 2 oils were #Balance Grounding Blend and #Serenity Calming Blend, and after a few days, I was literally a different person: much happier, nicer and calmer, plus I smelled great!

I was hooked! I got obsessed about learning what else these oils could do, and I had to have them all! My friends starting asking questions, and I started researching and sharing the oils with them.

I’m so grateful to have found these oils, and I can’t imagine life without them. Natural solutions are what I’m all about now.

Aren’t you just a little bit curious about what they can do for you?

PM me if you’re open to learning more.

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