Emotional Aromatherapy: How to choose the best oil for you!

With dōTERRA’s new Emotional Aromatherapy kit and wheel, it’s easy to find the best oil to help you feel better. My favorite is Motivate, which helps me get to work and get it done! I love the blends, as they are so powerful and easy to use. They all smell great, and I’ve used all of them at different times. At first I didn’t think that I would need all of them, especially Console and Forgive, however, I’ve used ALL of them, and I love ALL of them.

Using these oils is super easy: They can be used aromatically, which means inhaling them directly from the bottle or diffusing with an ultrasonic diffuser. Aromatic use is the fastest way to get the oils into your system.

The other way is topically by applying directly to the skin with dilution, especially for those with sensitive skin. When using oils topically for emotional support, it’s best to start applying near your heart and go up from there. This also makes you a walking ‘diffuser’. Some of my favorite places to apply oils is behind my ears, on temples, and on the back of neck. When using the oils, a drop is a dose, so start with just a drop and you can layer on more if needed.

Emo Aromatherapy Snap

The oils work very quickly, especially aromatically, so you can begin feeling relief in minutes. If you’re new to the oils and would like to try a sample, please contact me. I also have a link to my dōTERRA website on the right sidebar.

Peach Festival in Marysville, CA

Peach Festival 2016


I will be here in Marysville, CA this weekend, sharing the amazing ‘gifts of the Earth’ from dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Stop by for your personal oil experience, and see how using a more natural approach to healthcare and wellness can benefit you and your family.

See you there!

Yes I’m blogging about deodorant

IMG_0931I love that dōTERRA’s natural deodorant has none of the bad stuff like aluminum and talc, and I love that it contains all kinds of good stuff like coconut oil, shea butter, cypress, sage, melaleuca, cedarwood, and bergamot essential oils, and that it’s made in the USA.

There are times, though, when I just kinda need a little more strength, especially when it’s really hot outside or I’m working up a big sweat. (Never thought I would be posting about this, but here it is… )

A great way to beef it up is to add a drop of Patchouli oil on top before you apply it (my husband does this, works great), or you can also add a drop of Geranium oil, which is what I do… again, works great and smells better.

Essential oils have strong connections to our feelings and emotions, and can help us do the deep emotional work… so here’s what I love about these two oils, based on information from the book: Emotions & Essential Oils, 4th Edition: A Modern Resource for Healing

Patchouli is the Oil of Physicality, and helps one be fully present in their physical body, and is grounding and calming, and it’s great for body odor.

Geranium is the Oil of Love & Trust, and helps restore love and trust in relationships, especially when there has been a break in trust or a break-up. It also helps with loss, grief and abandonment issues, enabling one to be forgiving, tolerant and open to emotional healing, including loving and trusting others. Also great for body odor.

The only oils I use and recommend are the highest quality available, and can also be used aromatically by being inhaled directly from the bottle or with an ultrasonic diffuser. Contact me for my recommended brand.

The emotional side of the oils is very important to consider, as many physical ailments have emotional roots, and if not addressed will manifest eventually. I will be posting more on emotional work in the future.

On a side note, I also love this mini succulent garden that a team member made for me… what a great idea! Love it! Thanks Rita!

Authenticity & Vulnerability: Going Deep

There’s something scary about being real, being honest and open… just being yourself, but it’s a huge key to your success. People will respond to you when they relate to you and feel a connection. This is called being Authentic: it’s living and being your true self. And it involves being vulnerable and showing that you’re not perfect… scary indeed.

I’m re-reading this book: The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Dr Brené Brown, and now I get it. When we stop worrying so much about how we ‘appear’ to others, what they think of us for working in an MLM or whatever business we choose, when we get over how we are ‘supposed’ to look, live and act to be accepted, and when we stop operating from a shame based paradigm, we can break through scarcity and be open to abundance, gratitude and amazing success. (I didn’t know I was operating on a shame based paradigm, and this info is so powerful… I hope you’re open to it.)

Here’s a few examples of the chapters in this book:

* Cultivating Authenticity: Letting Go of What People Think
* Cultivating Self-Compassion: Letting Go of Perfectionism
* Cultivating Meaningful Work: Letting Go of Self-Doubt and ‘Supposed To’

This is a process, and I’m working on it… it’s going to take a while. That’s OK.

Be patient with yourself. Just being aware of our ingrained, limiting, false beliefs and societal expectations that were put on us by people living mediocre lives, who aren’t willing to be open to learning about improving themselves, is a huge step in the right direction. Choose to be open, curious and ‘different’, or you could end up like them, like pretty much everyone else going through the motions and hating every minute of it.

Awareness is the first step, and if you’re open to digging deep and peeling back the layers, you will find your true self. Much of this information you’ve probably never even thought about before, so again, be patient with yourself, and trust the process.

Throw off the baggage and start living your true authentic life. That’s a big statement and something most would agree they would like to do, but where do we start? I have to admit that I’ve been thinking about for this topic for the last few months, not really sure what to do with it, but now I feel like I have a direction of sorts.

Is this something that resonates with you? Are you struggling with this? I would love to hear your comments… thanks!