Mood management in a bottle!

Science of Emotional Aromatherapy

Our emotions are basically chemical responses to cellular changes, so why not change the ‘chemicals’ that your body responds to with these amazing and powerful blends?

Motivate is one of my favorite blends, and I use it when I need to get things done at work or around the house. Cheer is great for when I’m feeling a little down, and I put a drop behind each ear, take a few deep breaths from the bottle, and I feel better in no time.

I love this stuff… I’ve learned to manage my moods with the oils instead of prescription drugs, and it’s so empowering! I love teaching people how they can take care of themselves and their families. Your body loves plants and knows what to do with them, and the great part about oils is that they are basically food, and there’s no side effects.

I’m offering free samples to the first five people who contact me that are new to doTERRA. #learnaboutoils #betterway #safeandnatural #healthykids #healthyteens #emotionalhealing #alternativehealth #empowered #abundance #workingmom #freesamples #helpingothers

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